12th Annual
Folk Festival

Plainsong Folk Festival

This Year's Plainsong Folk Festival Will Be On October 5th, 2013.

Our Theme This Year Is:
Women In Music

Sprague/Martell Community Center

17490 SouthWest 14th Street • Martell, Nebraska 68404

Twelve Minutes South of Lincoln, Nebraska

Linda McRae

Linda McRae

This Years' Talent Announced!

Linda McRae

Canadian Linda McRae performed in many Vancouver-area bands before striking out on her solo career. She moved to Nashville several years ago and is now working hard to become a presence in the American music scene. Linda performs on the banjo, acoustic guitar, accordian and even a porch board stomp box. Her music centers around universal themes such as heartbreak, loss and redemption. Linda has performed and led workshops at numerous festivals, music camps, schools and concert locations around the world.

2012 was Linda's 25th anniversary as a Canadian recording artist, the start of her new record label, 42RPM, and the release of her fourth solo recording. Recent performance highlights include The Carter Family Fold, The Hank Williams Museum, Barbican Theatre, The Maverick Festival and New Folsom Prison, California's infamous maximum-security prison, performing in concert and facilitating songwriter workshops for the inmates. Her workshops and concerts were so well received, she was invited to return last March. The concert and workshops permitted inmates freedom of expression while giving Linda a rare opportunity to assist in that expression. Plainsong is eager to welcome this exciting talent to our 2013 festival.

Ann Zimmerman, from Salina Kansas, celebrates the joy, sorrow, grandeur and silliness of life, especially life on the windy plains. She backs her rich vocals with piano, guitar and the audience itself. Ann has taken her Kansas style across the Great Plains and beyond—to New York, Seattle, Boston, Texas, Alaska—and turned each audience into her back up choir. Blending old and new traditions with her own award-winning songs, Ann's shows tell stories and paint portraits; brilliantly-colored and unexpected, enhanced by an irresistible stage presence.

Ann has released three independent recordings of her music, and appears annually at the world-renowned Land Institute in central Kansas, and has entertained at festivals, farmers markets, fancy theaters, and smoky dives, singing about a hundred dates every year.

Monica Taylor, the Cimarron Songbird, has traveled outward from the land of her people of the Cherokee nation to bring her guitar and her satchel of homespun stories in song. The lilt in her voice causes many to wonder where it came from. Maybe from her Irish, Scottish, and Welsh blood… maybe from before the Trail of Tears, her Indian line to the Groundhog family… she is a story teller, and a good listener, and a gifted crafter of songs.

Garrison Keillor asked Monica onto his Prairie Home Companion Radio Show (NPR) because of her songwriting and unique singing style.

Michael Murphy is a multi-instrumentalist whose childhood piano lessons led him to the guitar and eventually into the Native American Flute, influenced by his Cherokee heritage and the loss of his parents. "When I play the Native American Flute, I still hear my mother's voice. My music reminds me that my parents are still with me" says Michael. He has played all over the country and his music is played all over the world. He has discovered that in folk music, ten recordings and a movie can happen without becoming encumbered by any great wealth. But it has been an honor to meet the great people around him, rich and poor. He enjoys making even more friends at the PlainSong folk festival each year.

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Good Seats Still Available! Admission:

Adults $15

Students: $10 With Student ID

Children 5-12 $3

Children under 5: Free!

Advanced Tickets Are Available.

We are a Nebraska Non-Profit Organization and have Federal 501(c)3 Status